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Roger Jacobsen

Desert Research Institute

Academic & Research Interest

As Vice President for Dr. Roger Jacobson is oversees the responsibility for the DRI Libraries, Faculty Relations, Graduate Teaching Programs here at DRI and the K-16 Education Programs.

Dr. Jacobson is involved in conducting research primarily on chemical reactions and processes in surface water, groundwaters, and geothermal systems. His special research interests include chemical and isotope techniques for estimating recharge in arid terrains, water chemistry of deep carbonate aquifers, near surface chemical reactions in playas and caliche formation, subsurface radionuclide migration, ore deposit geochemistry, risk assessment, deep subsurface microgeology, and mountain watersheds.

He also has participated in research and demonstration activities on renewable energy and sustainability. He has served on over 60 MS and PhD student committees in hydrogeology and geochemistry, and teaches graduate courses in Soil and Water Restoration and Isotope Hydrology.

Areas of Study


Contact Info

2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno,  Nevada   89512
Office: (775) 673-7364