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Richard Niswonger

USGS - Geological Survey

Academic & Research Interest

Dr. Niswonger’s major research interest is in numerical simulation of hydrologic systems. Evaluation of complex hydrologic systems requires tools from multiple disciplines including of surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrogeology, statistics, geography, and biology. He is specifically interested in the development and application of numerical models that allow the end users to make useful decisions for resource conservation and systems engineering. He develops and uses state-of-the-art numerical tools for researching effects of humans and climate change on water resources, as well as, interactions between hydrologic and ecological systems.

Areas of Study

3-D numerical modeling,   Climate change,   Ground water/surface water interactions,   Numerical methods,   Surface water hydrology,   Thermal modeling,   Vadose zone hydrology,  

Past Students:

Ramon C. Naranjo (PhD)

Contact Info

2730 N. Deer Run Road
Carson City,  Nevada   89701
Office: (775) 887-7727