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Kenneth McGwire

Desert Research Institute

Academic & Research Interest

Dr. McGwire has extensive experience in mapping, monitoring, and modeling of cultural and environmental systems using remote sensing, geographic information systems, statistical, and modeling techniques. Past research topics have included modeling the potential impacts of climate change on vegetation communities, comparing image data of tropical deforestation to socio-demographic models of colonization, using remote sensing and GIS techniques for habitat analysis, developing original land cover mapping strategies using satellite imagery, characterizing the scale dependence in parameters extracted from satellite imagery, identifying information systems requirements for Earth science research, testing GIS-based approaches to hazardous waste site management, developing artificial intelligence interface capabilities for environmental analysis software, and field testing and evaluating prototype imaging sensors. Dr. McGwire is currently working on grants from NASA, NSF, and NIH to test new hyperspectral satellite imaging systems, to develop internet-accessible databases of three-dimensional representations of fossil specimens, and modeling the spatial dynamics of hantavirus.

Areas of Study

Climate change,   GIS/spatial analysis,   Modeling,   Monitoring,  

Current Students:

Michael Founds (MS)

Past Students:

Erik Cadaret (MS)

Contact Info

2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno,  Nevada   89512
Office: (775) 673-7324