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Academic & Research Interest

My research interests are in many aspects of fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in multiphase, multicomponent systems above and below the land surface. These include diffusion and dispersion in aquifers and reservoirs, gas flow in both porous media and fractures, density-driven flow due to unstable solute gradients, thermal convection and buoyancy-driven processes, and coupled (chemical and physical) phenomena, all operating over scales from millimeters to tens of kilometers. These processes operate in aquifers, unsaturated zones, petroleum and geothermal reservoirs, and CO2 sequestration sites. Some of these problems lend themselves well to laboratory study, which are under-utilized in the hydrologic sciences, even though they fill a basic need to further our understanding of certain types of flow and transport processes. Laboratory investigation enhances our understanding primarily by allowing one to work with few assumptions, explore the physics and scaling properties of phenomena, and develop analytical models that explain correlations at full scale. The results can then be used to challenge and improve existing conceptual models, which in turn can be used to produce more refined numerical models.

Areas of Study

Contaminant transport,   Hydrogeology,  

Contact Info

1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno,  Nevada   89557
Office: (775) 673-7372