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Academic & Research Interest

I am a geoenvironmental engineer and hydrogeologist with research interests including environmental characterization, modeling, and experimental data collection.  I am particularly interested in the study and development of data driven models of multi-phase fluid flow and transport in a wide variety of natural and engineered geomaterial systems. I have conducted research on characterization and modeling of liquid flow in bioreactor landfills and in landfill covers through laboratory testing and field-scale experimentation. I am also interested in development and use of instrumentation for non-destructive characterization of the mechanical and hydraulic properties of complex geomaterials.  I am currently pursuing research directions for solution management, transport and fate of mine heap drain-down.

Other areas of interest and experience include groundwater flow modeling, groundwater contaminant fate and transport evaluation and modeling, evaluation and estimation of environmental remediation practices and costs, evaluation of historical environmental remediation practices and costs, and education on the interaction of society, law, industry, and the environment.

Areas of Study

3-D numerical modeling,   Contaminant transport,   Evapotranspiration,   Hydrogeology,   Thermal modeling,   Vadose zone hydrology,   Water quality,   Water resource assessment/evaluation,   Water resources engineering,  

Current Students:

Mary Kate Stewart (MS)
Rachel Thomas (MS)
Spencer Whitman (MS)

Contact Info

1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno,  Nevada   89557
Office: (775) 682-6049