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Academic & Research Interest

My research involves aquatic and biological stoichiometry, the study of balance of energy and multiple chemical elements. I am particularly interested in how human management of watersheds affects aquatic invertebrate community structure in aquatic environments. Aquatic invertebrates face special evolutionary challenges in these systems due to factors such as hydroperiod, flow or anthropogenic effects. My specific studies involve observational and experimental studies at various scales, including laboratory cultures (zooplankton, algal chemostats), short-term field experiments and sustained whole-ecosystem manipulations. My other research interests are nutrient cycling, wastewater treatment systems, groundwater management, and ecological modeling. Recently completed studies include role of zooplankton populations in large river (Ohio River) food webs, impact of changes in hydrological conditions (e.g., excessive rainfall or drought conditions) in riverine biota via changes in nutrient and food conditions.

Areas of Study

Aquatic biology,  

Past Students:

Mahesh Bhattarai (PhD)

Contact Info

755 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas,  Nevada   89119
Office: (702) 862-5371