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Brittany G. Johnson

Doctor of Philosophy Degree
Class of 2014

Academic & Research Interest

My thesis research consists of three major parts. The first is a study of the effect of slash pile burning on soil, soil solution, runoff and snowmelt chemistry. The second portion is a complimentary study that examines the effects of burn temperature and duration on soil nutrients with differing moisture contents using a muffle furnace. The third is part of a larger, six-year study on repeated burning as a management tool to control the invasive weed Bromus Tectorum (common name: cheatgrass). My piece of this study is to do a greenhouse study which monitors the ability of cheatgrass to take up nitrogen from different soil pools using isotope analysis.

Areas of Interests

Soil chemistry,  
Advisor:   Jay Arnone
Home department:   Desert Research Institute
Home Town: ,   N/A