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Ronald Hershey

Doctor of Philosophy Degree
Class of 2010

Academic & Research Interest

My dissertation research examined limnological and geochemical processes in mine pit lakes associated with precious-metal mining in Nevada. I also have extensive experience in ground-water sampling, ground-water monitoring network design and evaluation, and modeling water-rock reactions using aqueous thermodynamic geochemical models including PHREEQC, NETPATH, EQ3/6, and Geochemist’s Workbench. Other research interests include the use of environmental isotopes and aqueous geochemistry in hydrogeologic studies to delineate ground-water flow at the local and regional scales. I have used inorganic and organic carbon isotopes to trace the movement of water through the hydrologic cycle and to delineate recharge zones in mountainous carbonate terrain. I am also interested in the ground-water transport of radionuclides and hazardous materials.

Areas of Interests

Geochemistry,   Modeling,  
Advisor:   Glenn Miller
Home Town: ,   N/A