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Douglas Boyle

Master of Science Degree
Class of 1996

Academic & Research Interest

Dr. Boyle is a watershed hydrologist with over 20 years of experience in the development, implementation, and evaluation of complex computer-based models of surface and groundwater hydrologic systems in arid and semi-arid environments. Dr. Boyle’s research interests include integrated computer-based deterministic and stochastic modeling of watershed scale processes to understand the impacts of historic and future climate on water supply in arid and semi-arid environments using paleoclimatic information (e.g., streamflow estimates reconstructed from tree ring records and other historic climate indicators), global climate model estimates (e.g., historic and future precipitation and temperature estimates from both statistical and dynamically downscaled studies), and instrumental ground-based information (e.g., NWS Co-op data, NRCS SNOTEL data, and PRISM data sets). Additional research interests include streamflow forecasting, water leasing and banking, water markets, GIS, remote sensing, parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis, and automated multi-criteria optimization.

Areas of Interests

Hydrology,   Water resources engineering,   Watershed processes,  
Advisor:   John Warwick
Home department:   Geography
Home Town: ,   N/A