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Ramon C. Naranjo

Doctor of Philosophy Degree
Class of 2012

Academic & Research Interest

My research interest is focused on understanding the role of streambed geochemistry and morphology on ground water-surface water interactions and implications for stream ecology. My current research project involves using heat as a tracer for quantification of flux rates, pore-water sampling and collection of macroinvertebrates using freeze core methods to obtain vertical distributions for quantification and taxonomy. The results of this investigation aim to provide transferable knowledge of hyporheic exchange, nutrient transport and impacts on benthic community structure to lower gradient systems.

Areas of Interests

3-D numerical modeling,   Aquatic ecology,   Contaminant transport,   Ground water/surface water interactions,   Hydrology,   Hyporheic exchange,   Nutrient cycling,   Stream restoration,   Surface water hydrology,   Vadose zone hydrology,  
Advisor:   Richard Niswonger
Home department:   USGS - Geological Survey
Home Town: ,   N/A